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Company biographies
and rose flatware
in the antique silver style

ISBN 978-3-9813273-0-4
Hardcover, 304 pages, 500 illus.
49 Euro

Das Buch Rosen-Bestecke von Johanna Gehrlein

The book deals with the Rose Antique Silver rose pattern that almost everybody believes to know under the name "Hildesheimer Rose". But only a few people know how many of these patterns exist and that this artful flatware items were produced mostly crafted in silver ware workshops in Hanau and Pforzheim.

The book shows 230 different roses flatware patterns of 81 companies by more than 500 illustrations.

The general part provides an introduction to the characteristics of this category of antique silver and explains the craft and industrial production processes. Many questions about the "Hildesheimer Rose" are investigated and answered.

Each company of the 81 manufacturers is presented with its history and its rose patterns. In addition to mostly full-scale flatware or model images the pictures show beautiful sample drawings, old photos from brochures and model photos.

The images of the company marks many of these are up to know uncatalogued or only regionally known are also interesting for collectors and lovers of Antiquesilverware.

The book Rosen-Bestecke will enable the reader to discover this specialty from the fascinating world of Antiqusilverware. It will also awake joy and pride in the ownership of such devices, which deserve to be collected and preserved as arts and crafts. Although the book is written in German, one can learn a lot just by studying the many pictures of flatware, advertising and marks of the companies.

But beware! - You could be infected while reading through the book with a collector's passion for rose flatware.

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