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ISBN 978-3-9813273-0-4
Hardcover, 304 pages, 500 illus.
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Johanna Gehrlein I was born in 1956 in Munich and lived during my youth in Giessen and Kronberg. I have been living with my husband and my two children in Kahl am Main for many years.

In my childhood a touch of post-war period was still noticeable. The People had a totally different attitude toward things: traditional, attentive, stable value and sustainable. For example, in this time Germans have used the word "Decoration" mainly in connection with cheaply produced effects for short-lived showcase or party decoration.

The II. WW left in the household of my parents no heirloom. All things had been purchased by them with the money they had earned. Nevertheless, there were several pieces of equipment that had cost "a fortune", which was provided by the omission of other goods and services. But on the other hand this items accompanied us for life, because they were beautiful and embodied a value: A huge oil painting that was painted once by a student in the Museum of Art in Berlin. A ground covering Oriental rug, whose borders were used by us children as highways for our toy cars. Furniture in the Chippendale style, brand porcelain and Bohemian crystal.

All of this has permanently changed me. Although I always admire the decorative effect of cheap manufactured and sprayed Clay-Goods today, I am always aware that this is not a real value, but only trendy fashions that are only briefly fashionable and later worthless.

So it evolved for me as a measure of the value of things as they were expensive and elaborately produced. Craft does not need to be completely new or have never seen before. It is also an art to give goods a radiance of beauty. Maybe I was, therefore, always been fascinated by craft, because it is also easy for me to produce art. While I was diverted by my parents into an unloved bank apprenticeship, I expressed in my spare time my own creativity with paintings in various techniques, etchings, paintings, porcelain, pottery, wood carvings and also work in silver and gold jewelry.

Nature was for me always a source of inspiration, because it has created the purest, most harmonious shapes and colors. Since centuries flowers and fruits in profusion makes a luxury tablesetting.

When I discovered the Antique Silver Rose Flatware, I realized that they combine all these values. The beauty of the natural form, the complex, artistic production, the aesthetic splendor and pleasant haptic properties of real silver cutlery make them to a worthy and really elegant table decoration.

I began to buy beautiful Rose Flatware, where it was offered for resale and started using it at home for various occasions. The further development from collector to author, I have described in the preface of my book Rosen-Bestecke, which means Rose Flatware. I am convinced that the book will appeal to many people: silver collectors, lovers of fine cutlery and all who are interested in the industry's history. And last but not least, the Rose Buddies. Even though the book is written in German, one can learn a lot just by studying the many pictures of flatware, advertising and marks of the varies silver companies (see more:

Due to the long lasting research for this first book, resulting into a deep immersion in the history of antique silverware manufacturers around the town of Hanau, however I could fit in the context of the book Rosen-Bestecke only a fraction of the historical information I gathered. So I will later produce another book with the detailed company-biographies of silversmiths from the region of Hanau, which will include the remaining material.

For suggestions, additions or criticisms please write to me via mail or e-mail - the address can be found in the imprint. Especially If you have worked in the Silverware industry in the region of Hanau or if you have relatives who did, I would be glad to get in touch with you.
I wish you an interesting journey through time with my Book Rosen-Bestecke.

Johanna Gehrlein

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